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British Style Genius - The Street Look - Part 1

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This piece of fashion history from BBC Two is important, educational as well as pleasurable and interesting.
British Style Genius takes a fascinating journey to what makes British fashion and style so distinctive, unique – and so influential.
So lay back and learn about the roots behind today’s street fashion and urban wear.

Photo of the day

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This one is nice;  as soon as I saw this photo I knew I had to share it with you.
So what do we have here?
Simply a nice interpretation of “streetwear”
I like it! Do you?

Pet’s apparel!

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Would it surprise you to know that pets have special designers too? Of course not.
Streetwear is not only for people, for example dedicates their entire catalogue for dogs, well not just dogs but very cool and fashionable dogs! You can find on their collection T-shirts, jackets, sweatshirts, sweaters, hoodies and more, all designed with [...]

The right streetwear accessories

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In order to complete your streetwear look there are numerous items which can help you: Hats, belts, bags, jewelry, scarves, watches and yes, even wallets!
These items may seem insignificant but let me assure you, those little things make all the difference. presents a nice variety of accessories that will give you the right touch and [...]

“Justice” likes T-shirts!

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Justice -  an electronic music duo from Paris, formed in 2003 and consisting of Gaspard Augé and and Xavier de Rosnay  released a catchy single whose video and MP3 spread like wildfire across the Internet in summer 2007  ‘’D.A.N.C.E.’‘
The concept of its video is amazing, T-shirts with different  prints that keep changing and making a [...]